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Nick Kellar
Indoor Air Quality coordinator
Phone 356-9312






Indoor Air Quality Technician
Phone 356-9325


Department Overview 

Department of Indoor Air Quality was established in 2009. Our mission is to provide students and staff with a safe and healthy environment in which they can perform at their peak levels and reduce absenteeism by minimizing contaminants that trigger illness. We inspect our facilities to make sure that every effort is made to ensure our children are provided an environment conducive to learning.

Department responsibilities include:

  • Inspect and assess all parts of each building
  • Identify potential sources of contamination
  • Remove or reduce all contamination sources from entering the building
  • Respond to campus concerns of illness or IAQ symptoms in schools
  • To aid in the reduction of absenteeism by identifying trends
  • Educate staff and parents on symptoms, triggers and sources related to indoor air
  • collaborate with NEISD Health Services Department on IAQ related issues

The Department would like the document Tips for a Healthier Classroom available to all campuses to serve as a guideline to help improve the Indoor Air Quality of our schools. The items listed are from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department, National Asthma/Allergy Guidelines, and NEISD IAQ. The Department appreciates your help and cooperation in removing these items to improve the environment of the district classrooms.




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