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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is the annual financial statement for North East Independent School District. It is prepared to provide the Board of Trustees, taxpayers, bondholders, regulatory agencies, and District staff members with useful information about the District’s operations and financial position. The District’s financial statements are audited annually and the independent auditor’s report is included in the CAFR. Not only does the CAFR provide a snapshot of the District’s financial data for the prior year, the statistical section presents trend information over the past ten years that provides insight into how the District’s financial position has changed over time.

Click here to view the June 30, 2016 CAFR

Historical CAFRs can be found at

The report is presented in five sections: Introductory, Financial, Supplementary Information, Statistical and Federal Awards. The Introductory Section includes a transmittal letter that provides background information on the District. The Financial Section begins with the independent auditor's report and contains a narrative overview and analysis of the financial statements, the actual financial statements, and notes to the financial statements. The Supplementary Information section includes combining statements and required supplementary information. The Statistical Section presents trend information over the past ten years that provides insight in the changes on the District’s financial position over time. The Federal Awards section provides information about the Single Audit performed on the District’s major grants and the amount of federal awards expended in the current year.

North East Independent School District has received the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence award in Financial Reporting for 29 consecutive years.


CAFR Reports

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