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Tax Sheltered Accounts

Here on our new Tax Sheltered Accounts page you will find all the information and links listed below that was previously posted on the Community Webpage for Risk Management and Employee Benefits.


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Plan Features
457(b) Provided by TIAA
403(b) Registered under TRS
Investments Selection Types Low cost mutual funds or a fixed account with above market interest rate. Retail priced contracts. Fixed annuities - index annuities - variable annuities and custodial accounts (mutual funds)
Contribution Limits $18,000 with an over 50 catch-up of $6,000 $18,000 with an over 50 catch-up of $6,000
Loans Yes Varies by Provider
Restrictions on Various Investments None-unlimited transfer between funds Yes
Withdrawal Charges No Yes, between companies and possibly at separation of service.
Expense Ratio - Account Fee Fee range between: .56% - 1.38% Average 2.5% and an account fee of $20 - $50. Maximum 2.75%
Plan Level of Personal Service

Select the level of service desired and change as needed.

1. Enroll and self-manage your own account at no charge.

2. Request assistance from TIAA for no cost phone advice.

3. Contract with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) acting as the fiduciary for your account.

Cost is 1% annually deducted from your account quarterly

Enroll directly with an approved provider or company representative.
Tax Penalty Premature Distributions No Yes



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Updated: April 26, 2017